Hardware Design

New Wave DV has successfully developed a variety of network processing and algorithmic designs. We provide a variety of off-the-shelf solutions for high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and other networking applications. However, some applications call for hardware that is more specialized and tailored to meet unique performance requirements. For these situations, we provide complete custom hardware design.

High Performance Custom Hardware for Your Application

New Wave DV’s team of highly skilled engineers have extensive experience in designing, building, testing, and delivering electronic systems and hardware. Proficient in Verilog, VHDL, and SystemVerilog, among other platforms, our team will work with to develop the ideal solution for your needs.

Our engineering resources can be used to create applications on New Wave DV cards or with other hardware designs. We can produce custom hardware solutions ranging from IP blocks for in-house use to turnkey chip designs. We pride ourselves on our ability to write clear, concise, and accurate code, consistently on time and on budget.

Whether FPGA or ASIC, all of our designs are verified by an astute team of independent verification engineers, giving you confidence in the quality of the design.

Contact Us for Custom Hardware Solutions

New Wave DV brings clients’ hardware designs to life. Contact us today to get started on the custom solution you need.

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May 4th, 2020: New Wave DV acquires FlightWire Technology, LLC.
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