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Precision matters most to New Wave DV, so when high-stakes projects call for off-the-shelf or custom electronic systems and the best technical expertise, it’s our team that businesses and organizations turn to. We’ve worked on projects for clients in the defense/aerospace, telecommunications, big data and finance sectors to design, build and test electronic systems.

Though we complete projects for clients in a variety of industries, one thing remains true for each: There is no margin for error. Whether it’s emulating hardware for a fighter jet or tailoring FPGA cards for financial trading software, our clients depend on our team’s expertise and precision to get the job done on budget, on schedule and with unwavering support. Read more success stories below.

Project Experience

Fighter Jet Aircraft Simulation Labs Case Study

A Tier 1 Defense Contractor needed to test the complex equipment in a fighter jet aircraft simulation lab. See how New Wave DV’s team provided the experience to successfully stay on budget while ensuring precision with an off-the-shelf solution.

Read the F-35 Case Study


Airborne Mission Systems Case Study

A supplier for aircraft mission systems was struggling to solve a timing requirement while designing box-level equipment for a Tier 1 aircraft manufacturer with their current supplier. The client was also keen on finding a team of technical experts they could work with for the long term.

New Wave DV was able to troubleshoot, test, integrate, modify and ultimately help this client move forward with software and firmware updates. With our technical competency, this client not only found a solution to their project but found a long-lasting partnership with our team. Read the full story!

Read the Airborne Mission Processor Box Case Study


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