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In the defense and aerospace industries, taking chances in production is not an option. Situations in these environments require instantaneous communications, large data transfers and zero margin for error. Every radar, sensor array and communication signal must operate seamlessly, using specialized interface protocols with ultra-low latency at all times. New Wave DV has decades of experience helping military contractors, aircraft manufacturers and other high-stakes clients solve production and IP core challenges. As a proven partner, we will do the same for your application, and meet your project schedule.

FPGA/Interface Cards for Defense & Aerospace Applications

New Wave DV products leverage proven standards to solve complex aircraft system challenges. Our team partners with customers to provide project support before, during and after network deployment. We manufacture cards with high-bandwidth dataflows and powerful processing capabilities. Our goal is always to meet your technical and budgetary requirements. Using protocols such as Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and ARINC-818, we create connections between military/aircraft equipment, ensuring that every part of an aerospace system speaks the same language and processes data as efficiently as possible. New Wave DV cards are the most effective way to detect, intercept, monitor and process data, providing the most high-performance solution for your application.

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Interface Protocol IP Cores for the Defense & Aerospace Markets

In the defense and aerospace fields interoperability between various new and legacy systems is critical to performance and cost requirements of programs. Interoperability is achieved by leveraging standard interface protocols and methods of use. Our expertly designed IP cores harness the interoperability of standard interface protocols while providing a high-performance implementation. 

These IP cores can be pre-loaded on off-the-shelf cards or on boards that are built to custom specifications:

  • Ethernet
  • Fibre Channel
  • Mil1394 (1394b-AS5643)
  • sFPDP
  • ARINC 818
  • HSDB
  • HotLINK II   

Our experience in aerospace and defense ensures that we will account for every important IP core parameter that your project demands. Partner with a versatile team that tests and implements IP cores for unmatched system performance. 

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Our Expertise Includes:

Radar Systems

Mission-critical operations demand reliable radar systems with advanced communications capabilities. New Wave DV radar systems facilitate target detection in cluttered environments. See how protocol acceleration and data streaming improves radar system capabilities.

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Signal Intelligence

Today’s high-performance Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and software defined radio (SDR) systems require massive processing power to detect, identify, and classify an enormous number of highly complex signals. SIGINT systems typically consist of a variety of functional elements – signal processors, snapshot memory buffers, high-speed data recorders, and bulk storage – all residing in multiple physical units, connected through high-speed data pipes. Learn about our powerful, rugged connectivity solutions.  

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Information Security

Malicious data attacks pose a real threat to sensitive information. New Wave DV hardware and firmware are used to detect and prevent attacks on critical digital infrastructure. See how our powerful programmable environment enhances security platforms.

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1394b for Aerospace Systems

Aerospace vehicle systems use Mil1394 (1394b AS5643) technology in modern communications networks. This rapid and deterministic protocol provides reliable communications throughout aircraft systems. New Wave DV’s FPGA/Interface boards and IP core solutions provide superior bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and hardware-level determinism. See why our 1394b expertise makes a difference.

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High-Performance Embedded Computing

For mission-critical applications, high-performance embedded computing delivers elite computing in rugged and small environments. Utilize HPEC technology to process more data with less power in rigorous defense applications.

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