Cyber Security

Today the Internet has permeated all facets of life in our electronic society. Our banking, our power grids, water systems, our defense infrastructure, our corporations, and our government all depend to a large degree on the Internet for operations and communications. But we also live in a world in which the Internet can be used as a tool for the wrong purposes. For example, information has been released showing that government networks are under cyber-attack virtually all the time and are probed thousands of times every day. Defense and corporate secrets are stolen regularly using the Internet, and millions of dollars are scammed from banks and individuals every day and put to use for criminal purposes.

Securing the Internet is an extremely difficult task. There are no international border patrols for the Internet, and the use of mobile data devices complicates detection and location. There are too many different networks to be able to police from any one place, and it is relatively easy to disguise identity and intent using techniques such as net-bots, worms, spoofing, and viruses. The only hope is a coordinated effort to thwart illegal activity using sophisticated, powerful, and stealthy electronic network monitoring and detection equipment.

The examination of the content of incoming data packets in real time is a very compute-intensive operation since network data content is wrapped in a number of different levels of protocol that can be thought of as “envelopes” that all need to be “unwrapped” to get at the content. Highly intelligent threats can only be detected and neutralized by using highly intelligent security measures that have all-seeing, content-inspection capabilities. However, as bandwidth in the core of the network increases, traditional programmable solutions do not have the capacity to scale. At the same time, fixed-function solutions do not have the flexibility to perform optimally and adapt to the dynamic security environment where new threats emerge at an ever-increasing pace. When dealing with security threats, time is of the essence.

High-Performance Solutions for Cyber Security

New Wave Design and Verification’s technology allows government agencies and service providers to gain situational awareness of their network to detect security threats and allows the lawful intercept of suspicious communication. Because of the evolving nature of the applications being deployed over the network and the nature of evolving security threats and regulatory requirements and the need to gather business intelligence, government agencies need a solution that is rapidly programmable.

Conventional Fixed Function Devices Can’t Handle the Job

The challenge they face is that current programmable solutions are incapable of the high-performance levels required at the network bandwidths being employed. So, they must turn to specialized solutions which require specialized skills and much more time to develop. This translates into long development cycles, less flexible products, and rapid obsolescence.

New Wave DV offers a More Efficient Cyber Security Solution

New Wave DV enables the replacement of fixed-function network equipment with high-performance programmable solutions and programmable logic devices that are able to evolve with changing business requirements.  New Wave DV’s technology is used to create highly targeted solutions that combat some of the most challenging network security threats known. This technology brings programmable line-rate packet inspection capability at 10Gbps.

Real-Time Response to Threats

Our software development framework simplifies the job of building filters and matching algorithms and updating them on the fly to respond to a changing threat profile. Our products are already in use to secure the networks of Tier 1 carriers because they provide the highest throughput, the lowest latency, the best memory design, and the best application framework support in the market.

FPGA cards for cyber security
Our FPGA server cards provide real-time protection against security threats

FPGA Cards are the Preferred Choice of Top Telecom Carriers

New Wave DV provides best-of-class ultra-low latency and high line-rate 10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGA cards and systems, enabled with an easy-to-use application development framework. Our team’s expertise is honed from years of providing solutions for the defense, telecom, and financial markets. Customers rely on our expertise to deliver superior products on time and on budget.

V5052 16-Port PCI Express FPGA Card

This feature-rich FPGA card offers high-performance SDRAM and SRAM memory architecture, time stamp capability with microsecond resolution and software in-system programming for field upgrades. It facilitates higher application performance and helps to preserve internal R&D efforts.

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