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Precise, tailored solutions for high-stakes markets

New Wave Design and Verification creates customized and off-the-shelf electronic systems for high-profile clients in the defense, aerospace, finance, telecommunications, and big data industries.

Our global clientele span a variety of industry verticals, but they share one commonality: in their work, there is zero margin for error. That’s where we come in.

The New Wave Design and Verification team includes highly skilled engineers who have extensive experience designing, building, testing, and delivering electronic systems. We treat every client like they’re a part of the Fortune 50 (and several of our clients are). We meet clients’ cost, schedule, and technical requirements to produce high bandwidth, ultra-low latency, and specialized networking applications.



    Hardware Design Feature Icon

    Our off-the-shelf solutions are trusted by some of the top names in defense, aerospace, finance, telecommunications, and big data, but sometimes the situation calls for something more tailored. Our design engineering team custom builds functionality for specialized applications. We provide these engineering resources for the development of applications on New Wave DV cards as well as other hardware designs. We bring clients’ FPGA/ASIC designs to life, and our versatile team can produce everything from an IP block for an in-house design to a turnkey chip design. More >


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    New Wave DV is a trusted resource for FPGA/ASIC verification using SystemVerilog OVM/UVM. We’re up to speed on the latest constrained random methodologies and modern requirement test plans. Our designs are delivered tested, but we also provide verification testing as a service.

    New Wave DV helps clients in high-stakes industries meet FPGA/ASIC verification goals as an independent verification team for in-house designs, and we also step in as additional staff for teams requiring additional resources. More >