High-Speed Serial Interfaces for Demanding Applications

We provide precise, tailored solutions for mission-critical applications. We are experts in high-speed serial interface hardware, IP cores, and system-level products for use in embedded and test systems. In addition to our off the shelf products, we also provide hardware design and independent verification. No matter your application requirements, our experts can help you identify and deploy the solution you need when there is zero margin for error.

New Wave DV Solutions

We have the board-level hardware and FPGA IP cores to meet the interface and FPGA coprocessing requirements for your application.

FPGA/Interface Cards

New Wave DV hardware features high-speed interfaces and powerful application coprocessing, maximizing system capabilities. With a wide range of configurable interfaces, protocol offloads, and host interface functions, our cards are built for flexibility, precision, and performance in the most demanding use cases.

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Interface IP Cores

Our IP cores are designed to meet the unique demands of critical high-performance applications. If you’re looking for a turnkey solution, we offer boards that are pre-loaded with New Wave IP cores. Our IP cores are also available standalone and bring the New Wave high-performance interfaces to your hardware. Leverage our proven technology for standard interface implementations.

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Our global clientele spans a wide range of applications

Experienced Defense and Aerospace Experts

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Defense and aerospace applications demand high-speed serial interfaces and FPGA processing for high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency performance. Our engineering staff is among the best and brightest in the industry, bringing decades of specialized experience with defense-related interfaces, sensors, and mission systems. We leverage our defense industry experience to provide COTS & custom-designed solutions for the most demanding defense and aerospace needs.

From advanced radar systems to cybersecurity to signal intelligence, our engineers have the tools and knowledge to be your team’s partner in success. We are experts in FPGA applications and Ethernet, Fibre Channel, sFPDP, 1394b, ARINC-818, HSDB, and custom interface protocols. We have worked on hundreds of programs and can bring this expertise to yours.

Look no further than our experts at New Wave DV for your high-performance hardware and IP for both embedded and test applications. Our team will ensure your deliverable meets requirements and will remain reliable for years to come.

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