Platforms and Appliances

To provide a higher level of systems level capability our PCI Express cards can be added to one of our network record and playback systems or capture and record systems. Once paired with one of our systems, our PCI Express cards are transformed into a system that can perform a wide range of tasks. These higher level packet capture appliances provide network traffic generation, monitoring, filtering and analytics on numerous network protocols.

  • 32-Port Fibre Channel FPGA Switch

    The 32-Port Fibre Channel Switch is a high port-density, completely FPGA-based network switch built for special purpose avionics switching applications. More >

  • iRepeater Handheld Test Module

    Quickly and easily detects 1394b wire harness and module connectivity issues. Great for non-flight assembly or diagnostic applications. More >

  • iVeriPHY Mil1394 Handheld Test Module

    Standalone single node IEEE-1394 bus tester designed to provide point-to-point and network diagnostic information. Expandable for additional diagnostic capability. More >

  • 9-Channel Bus and Node Monitoring Test Set

    Monitor up to nine independent IEEE-1394-2008 Beta buses for bus resets and number of nodes present on the bus without need of an external PC. More >

  • Mil1394 Single Node Repeater

    3-port, transformer-coupled 1394b repeater/hub, supporting S200β and S400β rates. Extend cable distances and create scalable tree topologies. More >

  • Mil1394 Dual Quad-Port Repeater Hub

    Two node, transformer-coupled quad-port repeater hub for 1394b AS5643 More >

Packet Capture Appliance and Platform Applications

Our network packet capture devices provide the ability to run numerous functions when combined with one of our PCI Express cards. These system level producer packet capture devices perform a wide range of network data processes, including:

  • Traffic generation
  • Recording
  • Filtering
  • Analysis
  • Playback
  • Post-processing

Network Packet Capture Benefits

New Wave DV’s packet capture appliances and platforms can perform many tasks that provide fully customized advantages for your specific needs. Some of the unique capabilities that our packet capture appliances provide, include the following:

  • Identifying Data/Packet Loss – Through data capturing techniques, if data is stolen the network administrator can easily retrieve the stolen or lost information by properly utilizing data capturing techniques.
  • Identification of Data Leakage – Our content analysis and monitoring solutions help to establish points of leakage and other seepage sources.
  • Unmatched Precision through Hardware Implementation – Leveraging our expertise in FPGA technology, our hardware captures data using hardware over software, resulting in 20 nanosecond data resolution.
  • Forensics – Certain network segments and high traffic areas may be blocked to investigate problem viruses or other problems when they arise. This allows the network administrator to determine the extent of the problem. This can provide increased security for historical information and network data.
  • Security – Data capturing is used to identify security flaws and breaches by determining the point of intrusion.

32-Port Programmable Network Switch

The 32-Port Programmable Switch is a high port-density, completely FPGA-based network switch, built for special purpose switching, bridging, and monitoring applications. This 32-Port Switch is powered by the latest Xilinx Virtex UltraScale+ FPGA technology. Purpose-built for processing network data in real-time, the Switch has been optimized to provide the lowest possible latency and the highest possible performance.

This FPGA-based Programmable Switch is ideal for on FPGA applications such as low-latency network inspection, routing traffic based on payload data, custom protocols, and high port density application development.

Contact New Wave DV for Network Packet Capture Systems and Software

If you are interested in systems that incorporate our network adapters that provide upper level system support for network reading, playback, capture and more, contact us today. Alternatively, we’re available at 952-224-9201 to discuss any questions you may have about these FPGA-based platforms and applicable software.


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