Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA)

The New Wave Design and Verification Fibre Channel – Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) core provides a complete layer 4 solution for FC-RDMA. The core provides sequence processing, external memory controllers, DMA controllers, buffer management, and an AXI (or PCIe) user interface.

When used in conjunction with the New Wave DV FC Layer 1 / Layer 2 core the New Wave cores provide an integrated hardware solution for the FC-RDMA network stack.

Get This IP Core Pre-Loaded on the Following FPGA Card:


  • FC-RDMA compliant interface with hardware based offload
  • Hardware DMA engines with LUN mapping
  • FCP Data IU offloaded in hardware
  • Supports 1/2/4/8/16G data rates
  • Configurable number of ports in a single FPGA
  • AXI-based host interface for embedded or PCIe based processors


  • Increased performance with hardware-based FC-RDMA offload
  • Hardware-based Data IU mapping and host DMA setup
  • Leverage proven technology for standard interface implementation


Supported Devices
  • Xilinx: Virtex, Kintex, Artix FPGAs
  • Intel (Altera): Stratix, Arria, Cyclone FPGAs
  • Microsemi: SmartFusion2, Igloo2 FPGAs
Supported Rates
  • 1/2/4/8/16G
Operating Frequencies
  • 1G: 26Mhz
  • 2G: 53MHz
  • 4G: 106MHz
  • 8G: 212Mhz
  • 16G:212Mhz (double data width)


  • Avionics vehicle and mission systems
  • Industrial/Machine vision systems