sFPDP Products

Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) is a high-speed, low-overhead, point-to-point communication protocol commonly used in data intensive processing applications such as Radar and Medical Imaging.

sFPDP Cards & IP Cores

  • V6061 3U VPX Versal┬« ASoC FPGA + Ethernet Offload Optical I/O Module

    3U VPX Versal® ASoC FPGA + Ethernet Offload Optical I/O Module for 10/25/40/100Gbs Ethernet and HPEC applications. More >

  • V6063 3U VPX Versal┬« ASoC FPGA Optical I/O Module

    3U VPX Versal® ASoC FPGA Optical I/O Module for high-bandwidth heterogenous embedded computing applications. More >

  • V1151 Quad-Port XMC FPGA Card

    The V1151 is the industryÔÇÖs most advanced XMC solution designed to provide a real time high-bandwidth network interface and processing module for next generation signal intelligence systems. More >

  • V1152 12-Port XMC FPGA Card

    The V1152 is the industryÔÇÖs most dense XMC network IO solution designed to provide a real time high-bandwidth network interface and processing module for next generation signal intelligence systems. More >

  • V1153 12-Port Rugged XMC FPGA Card

    The V1153 is designed for rugged high-bandwidth networking and interface applications. The V1153 supports 12 full-duplex optical ports operating at up to 25Gb/s per port over a -40 to +85C temperature range. This VITA 20 compliant XMC module can provide high-density interface offload and data processing capabilities in a rugged, low SWaP package. More >

  • V1163 12-Port Rugged XMC ASoC Card

    The V1163 is a powerful heterogeneous computing XMC with high bandwidth IO featuring the Xilinx® Versal® Adaptive System-on-Chip (ASoC) and rugged optical and electrical IO. More >

  • Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) IP Core

    The sFPDP core provides a complete hardware implementation of the ANSI/VITA 17.1-2015 specification supporting full-bandwidth operation with an easy to integrate frame interface. More >

Serial Front Panel Data Port as a Technology

The Serial Front Panel Data Port (also known as Serial FPDP or sFPDP) interconnect IP Core, in conjunction with FPGAs, has become a recognized and established technology for high-speed serial communication in the advanced sensor-to-DSP systems of today. The communications protocols VITA 17.3-2018 connects distributed and networked devices and optimizes these connections for maximum data throughput. This throughput allows for real-time data streaming thanks to efficient design that does not process the overhead structure, but rather makes use of the bandwidth of the link to move the data. This communications scheme eliminates any overhead associated with arbitration and node addressing thanks to sFPDP’s point-to-point architecture.

Supported Topologies and Applications

Serial FPDP supports not only the Point-to-Point topology, but also supports a range of other topologies. The chained topology (also known as looped or ring-based), unidirectional, or bi-directional.

These topologies deliver enormous benefits for radar, imaging, sonar, SIGINT, ELINT, digital signal processing, communications, diagnostics, encryption, image processing, software radio, range and telemetry systems, prototyping, text processing, and other processor-intensive applications. These applications demand high rates that require performance of the utmost precision and reliability.

New Wave DV Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP) Solutions

The New Wave DV sFPDP IP Core was specially designed to comply with the ANSI/VITA 17.1-2015 standard. Supporting all aforementioned topologies above, the sFPDP card off-loads the host processor, enabling data transfers to occur without the CPU overhead and non-deterministic latencies associated with many layers of complex software protocols.

From there, the FPGA-loaded board delivers high-performance, full-throughput speed on every port, and bi-directional flow of data across multiple platforms and multiple form factors (PCIe, PMC, PXIe, and XMC). All form factors are also available in convection- and conduction-cooled versions. The embedded transceivers in the FPGA support data rates in excess of 10Gb/s, enabling future performance enhancement. Furthermore, the core itself includes all functionality needed to meet the framing and signaling specification of sFPDP including: comma alignment, 8b/10b encode/decode, primitive decode, port state machine, CRC generation/checking, elastic FIFO, and phase FIFO.

Deliverables and Customizable Features

Deliverables include the pre-programmed board, JTAG cable, tools and libraries for Linux, and user’s documentation.

Want custom features added? No problem. New Wave DV gives you all netlist tools, source top level files, encrypted files, example instantiation of the core, testbench with stimulus/checking, and timing constraint files. In addition, our Professional Services engineers can be contracted to develop a product to your exact specifications. Contact New Wave today for more information regarding serial front panel data port.

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