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  • V1142 Quad-Port 1394b-AS5643 PMC/XMC FPGA Card

    The V1142 provides the industry's only completely FPGA-based 1394b-AS5643 interface solution in a PMC/XMC form factor. More >

  • V1144 12-Port 1394b-AS5643 PMC/XMC FPGA Card

    The V1144 provides the industry's highest density 1394b-AS5643 test and development card with 12 front-panel transformer-coupled 1394b ports. More >

  • V1146 9-Port 1394b-AS5643 PMC/XMC FPGA Card

    The V1146 is the perfect solution for rugged and high density 1394b applications where backplane IO is desired. More >