1394b-AS5643 Products

1394b AS5643 provides a fast, deterministic, and reliable communications network for current and future systems. The protocol supports point-to-point, daisy chain, tree, and multiple loop connections. Fault tolerance is seamlessly achieved by using looped connections, where traffic is dispatched in the direction of the shortest path towards its destination. Due to its numerous applications for military and aerospace systems SAE AS5643-1394b is regularly utilized for critical operations involving high-speed communications and isochronous real-time data transfer.

There are several unique benefits associated with IEEE 1394b and SAE AS5643 communications networks, some of which include:

  • Increased efficiency
  • Improved bandwidth
  • Greater power management
  • Increased error immunity
  • Reduced board footprint
  • Broader support ranges

1394b-AS5643 Cards, Appliances, & IP Cores

  • V1142 Quad-Port 1394b-AS5643 XMC FPGA Card

    The V1142 provides the industry's only completely FPGA-based 1394b-AS5643 interface solution in a PMC/XMC form factor. More >

  • V1144 12-Port 1394b-AS5643 XMC FPGA Card

    The V1144 provides the industry's highest density 1394b-AS5643 test and development card with 12 front-panel transformer-coupled 1394b ports. More >

  • V1146 9-Port 1394b-AS5643 XMC FPGA Card

    The V1146 is the perfect solution for rugged and high density 1394b applications where backplane IO is desired. More >

  • V5054 30-Port 1394b AS5643 PCI Express FPGA Card

    The V5054 is the highest density 1394b PCIe card available on the market. The V5054 has been designed specifically for 1394b AS5643 aerospace application development and test stand purposes. More >

  • Triple-Port 1394b PCIe OHCI Adapter Card

    Three-Port PCIe board suited for Single-Node IEEE-1394b connectivity, providing OHCI Link Layer and PHY lanes at a variety of rates. More >

  • Triple-Port 1394b PCI OHCI Adapter Card

    Single-node 1394b adapter card with non-transformer-coupled transceivers. Switch-configurable port speeds. More >

  • 9-Port Mil1394 PCIe OHCI Adapter Card

    9-Port PCIe providing quad-bonded 1394b connectivity, providing OHCI Link Layer and PHY lanes at a variety of rates. More >

  • 9-Port Mil1394 PMC OHCI Adapter Card

    Nine-Port PMC suited for 1394b connectivity providing tri-bonded OHCI Link Layer and PHY lanes via high-density 68-pin connection. More >

  • Mil1394 Single Node Repeater

    3-port, transformer-coupled 1394b repeater/hub, supporting S200╬▓ and S400╬▓ rates. Extend cable distances and create scalable tree topologies. More >

  • Mil1394 Dual Quad-Port Repeater Hub

    Two node, transformer-coupled quad-port repeater hub for 1394b AS5643 More >

  • iRepeater Handheld Test Module

    Quickly and easily detects 1394b wire harness and module connectivity issues. Great for non-flight assembly or diagnostic applications. More >

  • iVeriPHY Mil1394 Handheld Test Module

    Standalone single node IEEE-1394 bus tester designed to provide point-to-point and network diagnostic information. Expandable for additional diagnostic capability. More >

  • 9-Channel Bus and Node Monitoring Test Set

    Monitor up to nine independent IEEE-1394-2008 Beta buses for bus resets and number of nodes present on the bus without need of an external PC. More >

  • 1394b PHY IP Core

    AS5643 PHY layer hardware implementation. Includes standard PHY-Link interface. More >

  • Mil1394 OHCI Link Layer Controller IP Core

    Mil1394 OHCI Link layer hardware implementation. Includes standard PHY-Link interface and AXI bus for PCIe or embedded processor interface. More >

  • Mil1394 AS5643 Link Layer Controller IP Core

    Hardware-based full-network stack implementation of AS5643. Provides hardware based label lookup, DMA controllers, and message chain engines. F-35 compatible interface mode available. More >

New Wave DV 1394b AS5643 Solutions

New Wave DV is an expert in 1394b AS5643 solutions and offers a range of 1394b FPGA-based board level as well as 1394b FPGA IP core solutions to meet industry needs. Solutions include both test application and embedded application focused 1394b AS5643 products. All products are purpose-built to provide port-dense and SWaP-optimized solutions with superior bandwidth and latency performance.

New Wave offers a variety of 1394b AS5643 XMC FPGA boards. V1142 and V1144 1394b SAE AS5643 models are designed and manufactured specifically for non-rugged, front facing cable connectors. These cards are designed for system emulation, simulation, and development applications. Additionally, the V1142 utilizes standard connectors that accept off-the-shelf cables through its quad ports. The V1144 has 12 ports and includes custom cabling to achieve the higher density. The V1146 differs, in that it provides 9 ports and is built for embedded applications. This V1146 XMC board is VITA 20 compliant and features all backplane interfaces.

1394b AS5643 solutions are also available in PCI Express FPGA boards from New Wave. The V5054 has been designed specifically for 1394b AS5643 aerospace application development and test stand purposes. The V5054 provides a whopping thirty front panel transformer-coupled 1394b ports (optionally provided without transformer-coupled ports). Two different link/application layer cores are available from New Wave DV pre-loaded on the V5054:

1. An industry standard OHCI interface with the New Wave DV addition of hardware-based offload of the AS5643 STOF.

2. An AS5643 hardware offload engine providing complete packet formation, ASM label checking, and direct DMA with the host.

The thirty front panel ports are perfect for lab environments, emulation environments, or developments where front panel ports are desired.

IP Support for 1394b AS5643

New Wave DV has developed a FPGA-based IP suite for supporting the 1394b AS5643 protocol. This suite of IP is what enables full 1394b AS5643 hardware offload including: hardware-based STOF handling, AS6543 label lookups, and hardware DMA controllers. These IP cores are available pre-loaded into NWDV boards, or are available standalone for licensing or one-time purchase.

Each 1394b AS5643 board level product is delivered with the customers chosen 1394b AS5643 FPGA IP loaded on the board. An optional software development framework package that provides FPGA tools for customerÔÇÖs to add additional functionality is also included, if desired.

Unmatched Port-density in this Size, Weight, and Power Profile

The IP suite also allows for achieving port density and SWaP profiles not available previously. New Wave DV has provided solutions providing up to 4 nodes and 12 ports of 1394b AS5643 in a single chip. Solutions that have previously required 9 or more chips are now being provided in one chip of equal size, a reduction in board space of almost 10-to-1.

Contact New Wave DV for Reliable 1394b AS5643 Solutions Today

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