NI PXIe-6594 sFPDP Test Solution

Available on National Instruments 6594 card, the SFPDP Data Generator and Recorder is a flexible tool for test environments that allows the user to record up to 8 simultaneous channels of SFPDP data and/or send up to 8 simultaneous channels of user defined data. The tool is based around the widely utilized PCAPNG file format for file I/O that allows the user to leverage a wealth of open source tools and guides to view, analyze, and create data sets.

PCAPNG encapsulation is handled entirely within the FPGA which allows high throughput, precise timestamps, and consistent performance. Captured data may be buffered within the card’s DDR (8GB) allowing high performance capture performance without a high performance PXIe chassis or controller. For high performance systems, the stream to disk feature allows Terabyte+ captures of sustained bandwidths of 20Gbps+.

Data transmission is also based around the PCAPNG file format which allows the user to playback previously recorded SFPDP files or send custom-made data sets. Conversion from the PCAPNG format to SFPDP streams takes place entirely in hardware which allows both high performance throughput and precise timing. Similar to recording modes, the user can select between a DDR buffer mode and stream from disk mode. DDR buffer mode allows high performance data transmission without a high performance chassis or controller. When properly configured, a high performance chassis can stream from disk and send Terabyte+ data sets at 20Gbps+.


  • Completely customizable SFPDP packets and data transmission patterns
  • Hardware timestamping (5ns resolution) synchronized across all 8 ports
  • Coordinate data transmission across all 8 ports within a single PCAPNG file
  • Stream to/from disk or DDR buffer
  • Windows C or LabVIEW™ API. Example designs provided
  • Included .lua dissector allows user to view/analyze captures in Wireshark
  • Generate/Display statistical eye diagrams of incoming links
  • Optional hardware error-injection on outgoing data


  • View, analyze, or create SFPDP data using PCAPNG natively in LabVIEW™ or with a wide variety of open source tools
  • Capture or generate large Terabyte+ data sets of SFPDP data
  • Complete FPGA design with FPGA-based offload of protocol. No FPGA design needed by user
  • Reduce development time by focusing on software test applications instead of test hardware development
  • Lower total cost of test development and test system operation


General Specifications

Up to 8 ports of SFPDP via 2x QSFP connectors

VITA 17.1 or VITA 17.3 Support

Record up to 150Gbps when storing to DDR Buffer

Record up to 20Gbps when streaming to Disk

Transmit up to 150Gbps when reading from DDR Buffer

Transmit up to 20Gbps when streaming from Disk

Data input/output via PCAPNG

Link Speeds: 1/2/2.5/4.25/5 Gbps

PXIe Hardware

PXIe-6594 NI PXI High-Speed Serial Instrument

Network Interface

Up to 8 TX/RX lanes over 2 QSFP connectors


Serial Front Panel Data Port (sFPDP)

Applications App

  • sFPDP Data Recorder—Record data for analysis or diagnosis
  • sFPDP Data Generator—Emulate existing equipment or recreate faults
  • sFPDP Record & Playback—Capture data then replay it with hardware level precision

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