V1161 Programmable 100G Rugged Ethernet XMC ASoC Card

The V1161 100G ethernet card is a next generation high performance embedded computing XMC featuring the Xilinx® Versal® Adaptive System-on-Chip (ASoC), the NVIDIA® Mellanox® ConnectX®-5 (MC-X5) network interface device, and rugged optical and electrical IO options. The V1161 is specifically targeted at applications requiring a combination of high speed interfaces, network offloads, and onboard payload processing resources. Use cases include sensor interface design with onboard data processing (or pre-processing), multi-level secure networking, and mixed protocol or protocol bridging applications. Radar, SIGINT, video, storage, medical imaging, and embedded communications systems all have the ability to benefit from the V1161 module.

The V1161 is a proven high-bandwidth and low-latency performance leader in 10/25/40/50/100Gbs Ethernet applications. The V1161 includes hardware offloads for UDP, TCP, RoCE v2, DPDK, GPUDirect, NVMEoF, and many other protocol stacks. The combination of the MC-X5 device and the ASoC device allows for system designers to leverage the off-the-shelf world-class Ethernet performance of the MC-X5 while deploying unique data processing and security algorithms in the onboard ASoC device. This combination maximizes the effectiveness of the deployed algorithms while eliminating design efforts required to establish high bandwidth Ethernet, PCIe controllers, efficient DMA engines, or low overhead software drivers.

In addition to the Ethernet interfaces described, the FPGA fabric provided within the ASoC part is capable of hosting New Wave DV IP cores for Fibre Channel, ARINC-818, sFPDP, Aurora, and others. This makes the V1161 an ideal hardware platform for mixed interface protocol needs or protocol bridging applications.

The convenient XMC form factor and rugged design of the V1161 can turn a VPX-based single board computer into a single-slot sensor interface and heterogeneous computing solution. The V1161 mounted on a x86 based single board computer will provide 100G optical interfaces, FPGA fabric, and ARM processor cores all in a single slot solution. V1161 is also available from New Wave DV in a 3U VPX form-factor instead of XMC if desired.



  • Up to eight (8) 1G to 25G optical ports via MPO front panel I/O or VITA 66 optical backplane I/O. Electrical I/O via Pn6 also available.
  • Xilinx® Versal® ASoC (FPGA)
  • NVIDIA® Mellanox® ConnectX®-5 Network Interface Device
  • Hardware offloads for UDP, TCP, RoCE v2, DPDK, GPUDirect, NVMEoF, +more
  • Supports PCIe Gen4 x16, Gen4 x8, Gen3 x16, Gen3 x8
  • 2 banks of 4GB up to 1866MHz LPDDR4 SDRAM
  • Onboard embedded PCIe Switch device
  • Advanced APIs that support multi-core and multi-processor architectures
  • Wide range of operating system software support


  • Programmable interface solution that leverages off-the-shelf world class network performance with customizable application processor
  • Heterogeneous computing card combining hard ARM processor cores, large FPGA fabric, and high bandwidth network interface controller
  • Designed specifically for sensor interface and data processing, multi-level secure networking, and interface protocol bridging applications
  • Adding to any single board computer provides a high bandwidth interface, configurable ACAP (FPGA) resources, and rugged optics
  • Embedded focus with VITA 20 and VITA 47 compliance
  • Versatile design supports electrical or optical interfaces, optical options for both backplane or front-panel VPX support
  • Modular optics for flexibility in supporting 1-25Gbs per lane
  • Options for 3U VPX, 6U VPX, and PXIe form factor via carrier card


Network Interface

Up to eight (8) 1G to 25G optical ports (front & backplane options)

  • 850nm multi-mode optics

Eight electrical ports to Pn6 (high-speed mezzanine connector)

Dual 10/25/40/50/100Gbs Ethernet ports

Ethernet Protocols

TCP, UDP, ARP, ICMP, RoCE v2, Multicast, Broadcast, + more

Visit NVIDIA® Mellanox® Datasheet

Additional Protocols

Fibre Channel, sFPDP, ARINC 818, Aurora

ASoC (FPGA) Device

Xilinx® Versal® VM1502, VM1802, VC1902

Ethernet Device

NVIDIA® Mellanox® ConnectX-5 EN IC

Visit NVIDIA® Mellanox® Datasheet


2 banks of 4GB up to 1866MHz LPDDR4 SDRAM

Host Interface

PCI Express Gen4/Gen3 x8 (Pn5 to MC-X5)

PCI Express Gen4/Gen3 x8 (Pn6 to ACAP)

Thermal Sensors

2 digital temperature sensors


VITA 20, 42.3, 47, 61.0, 88

NVIDIA® Mellanox® ConnectX-5 EN IC

Visit NVIDIA® Mellanox® Datasheet

Software Support

Software drivers available from NVIDIA® Mellanox®

NWDV Maintained OS’s: https://newwavedv.com/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/V1161-software-info-2021.pdf

Physical Characteristics

Dimensions: 74 mm (width) x 143.75 mm (length)

Weight: 0.276 lbs

Power Characteristics

Power Draw: Maximum 60W

Power Supply: 5V to 12V


Operating: -40˚ C to 55˚ C at 250 LFM (air-cooled)

Operating: -40˚ C to 85˚ C (conduction-cooled)

Storage: -55˚ C to 105˚ C

Applications App

  • Radar
  • Video
  • Storage
  • Medical Imaging
  • Embedded communications systems

Documentation Doc

Block Diagram V1161-100G-Ethernet-XMC-ACAP-Block-Diagram
NVIDIA® Mellanox® ConnectX®-5 EN IC 100Gb/s Ethernet Adapter IC Product Brief NVIDIA® Mellanox® ConnectX®-5 Product Brief
V1161 New Wave DV Maintained OS's V1161-software-info-2021

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