V8200 FPGA Development Platform

*This product is no longer recommended for new designs. Please see the 32-Port Programmable Switch for comparable functionality.

The V8200 is a fully integrated MicroTCA platform that is ideal for quickly developing high-performance 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications. It features two V3021 AdvancedMC modules supporting a range of Xilinx Virtex-5 FPGA options for maximum network traffic processing performance. This compact platform provides four 10 Gigabit Ethernet ports and come standard with expressXG Framework Lite, an advanced FPGA development infrastructure that gives programmers the advantage to develop high-bandwidth applications rapidly and efficiently.  The V8200 is equipped with a system controller based on the Intel Core 2 Duo processor running Fedora Core Linux. A high-performance MCH provides central management and  10 Gigabit Ethernet switching over a star fabric backplane topology.  In addition, the V8200 provides direct slot-to-slot fabric connections for communication between AdvancedMC modules.


  • Fully integrated MicroTCA platform featuring Intel processor and Xilinx FPGAs
  • Linux Fedora Core 11 64-bit operating system
  • MicroTCA carrier hub (MCH) providing 10 Gigabit Ethernet switching over star topology
  • 500MB hard drive for storage
  • Direct slot-to-slot fabric connections for minimum latency
  • Cable accessory kit available


  • Open-standards integrated platform accelerates application development and helps mitigate risk
  • Enables development of 10 Gigabit Ethernet applications
  • Provides highest application performance using advanced FPGA processing capabilities



5-slot MicroTCA compact chassis

Star fabric topology backplane

MCH XAUI switch

FPGA Processing

2 V3021 Dual Channel 10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGA AMC

System Controller

Intel Core2 Duo processor running FC 11 64-bit Linux


500MB hard drive

Power Requirements

Maximum power consumption: 250W

Input voltage: 120V, 60Hz


PICMG MTCS.0 R1.0 for MicroTCA

IEEE 802.3ae 2002 10GBASE LAN

RoHS Directive 2002/95EC

FCC 47 CFR Part15 Class A (USA)

ICES-003 Class A (Canada)

EN 55022 Class B (EU)

UL/EN 60950-1


156.75mm W x 150mm H x 250mm D


Operating Temperature: 0┬░C to 45┬░C

Storage Temperature: -40┬░C to 85┬░C

Applications App

  • High performance FPGA development

Documentation Doc

Datasheet V8200_DS

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