Mil1394 Dual Quad-Port Repeater Hub

The  Mil1394 Dual Quad-Port Repeater Hub (FW-MIL-2X4HUB19-400T-2) is a dual quad-port, transformer-coupled S200β and S400β capable repeater/hub with 9-pin IEEE-1394b connectors.

This 1U 19 inch rack mount repeater provides a cost and space-efficient solution, enabling consolidation of two, quad-port hubs into one chassis. Extend laboratory cable distances, isolate expensive 1394 test equipment from modules during testing, and better manage up to four directly-connected devices in a single hub.


  • Two bus (Channel) each with four Mil1394 and IEEE-1394-2008 compliant ports
  • Four Beta only ports (eight total) per hub supporting:
    • S100β (122.88Mb/s)
    • S200β (245.76Mb/s)
    • S400β (491.52Mb/s)
  • Configurable maximum connection speeds of:
    • S200β
    • S400β
  • Standard 9-pin IEEE-1394b connectors for each port
  • Activity LEDs for each hub to indication bus traffic is present
  • Implemented using Texas Instrument’s TSB41BA3 PHY Layer IC


  • Consolidation of two 4-port hubs into a single 1U 19 inch rack mount chassis
  • Mil1394 active transformer-coupled ports allows for longer cable lengths
  • 4-Port hub allows direct connection of up to four devices



Two sets of four IEEE-1394 Beta (1394b) Ports

Data Rates

S200β and S400β

Power Requirements

100 to 240 VAC


IEEE-1394b Compliant Physical Layer AS5643/1

Compliant transformer isolation


17 x 8 x 1.73 inches

(19 inches including brackets)


Operating: 0°C to 70°C

Storage: -40°C to 85°C

Applications App

  • Extend cable distances in laboratory and flight test applications
  • Isolate expensive 1394 test equipment from modules during environmental and EMI testing
  • Enable connection of four devices directly into a single hub

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