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Satisfying Peak Bandwidth Demand While Staying in Budget

Over the last decade, we have witnessed the explosive growth of the Internet. Traditional applications such as voice and video communications, video conferencing, and video programming (to name few) have migrated to the Internet as a delivery medium. Tens of thousands of applications are mushrooming, creating communities, avenues of commerce, and novel ways to conduct business, communicate, and entertain. The Internet has become an indispensable part of the national infrastructure.

Whether networks are being accessed for commerce, health applications, or entertainment, users have come to expect a consistently high level of service. Service providers are pulled from different directions as they struggle to meet customer experience expectations. On one side are calls to expend capital and expand infrastructure to satisfy peak bandwidth demand at any time; on the other are budget and operating constraints that make it difficult to justify large scale upgrades and build-outs when average demand is markedly below the peak.

What Is EPON?

An EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) is a popular, cost-effective networking solution. Using a network of fiber and passive components, such as splitters and combiners, rather than more expensive active components (amplifiers, shaping circuits, etc.), 10G EPON costs significantly less than other networking options. It utilizes Ethernet packets, instead of ATM cells, and a single Layer 2 network with one protocol for data, voice, and video, to serve multiple users and/or locations.You can learn more about EPON (and New Wave Design and Verification’s 10G EPON solutions) by reading our What is EPON page.

How Network Performance Monitoring Systems Solve Your Challenges

Real-time network performance monitoring systems help bridge the divide by facilitating optimal management of network resources. By providing insight into the volume, trends, and composition of traffic, bottlenecks can be spotted to identify where pinpoint solutions can be applied. In addition, the insight provided by 10G EPON capture and record systems can be used to devise and implement strategies to more effectively use existing bandwidth or route traffic to accommodate peak demand surges.

Greater understanding of the make-up of the traffic lays the foundation for superior solution strategies. The challenge is to find EPON systems that provide sustained real-time performance that allows you to obtain the information you need and lets you integrate it with the rest of your systems. The system has to be flexible enough to sustain that performance in the face of emerging and unanticipated protocols, adaptable enough to accommodate new ways of being used and scalable enough to grow as bandwidths increase and networks expand. A 10G EPON record and capture system from New Wave Design & Verification may be just what you need to provide better service without going over budget.


CaptureEPON™ 10G EPON Capture & Record System for Monitoring Network Performance

New Wave Design and Verification’s easily programmable, high-bandwidth CaptureEPON™ 10G EPON Capture and Record System provides the performance and flexibility to rapidly implement network performance monitoring applications that will continue to evolve to meet your changing requirements. The CaptureEPON 10G EPON system simultaneously monitors upstream and downstream traffic, and delivers real time packet capture. It features a low-latency, multi-threaded DMA host interface specially optimized for small packets, a fully-integrated Wireshark network protocol analyzer, and supports full bandwidth 10G EPON.

RapXG™ Quad Channel Network Record & Playback System

For high performance, scalable packet capture and playback, the RapXG™ Quad Channel Network Record & Playback System is an ideal choice. This device features easily-modifiable card settings, a low latency, multi-threaded DMA host interface, and much more.

Programmable Logic Devices for Monitoring Network Performance

New Wave Design and Verification’s easily programmable high-bandwidth systems and Application Development Frameworks provide the performance and flexibility to rapidly implement network performance monitoring applications that will continue to evolve to meet your changing requirements.

New Wave DV provides best in class ultra-low latency 10 Gigabit Ethernet FPGA cards and systems enabled with an easy-to-use application development framework. All FPGA design and verification cards and systems are enabled with an easy-to-use application development framework process. Our team’s expertise is honed from years of providing solutions for the defense, telecom, and financial markets. Customers rely on our expertise to deliver superior products on time and on budget.

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