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Network databases demand the highest level of security and performance — exactly what our proven experts provide for telecommunications customers. This need is becoming increasingly important as malicious attempts to breach and disrupt network databases have increased in recent years. 

There are countless threats to database security — botnets, viruses and spyware all pose a risk. While security is essential, network performance is nearly as important in this field. New Wave DV cards operate at up to 100 Gb/s data rates, offering seamless solutions to complex network challenges. Many Tier 1 carriers rely on our expertise for cards and IP cores that improve network monitoring performance.

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Increased reliance on the internet for critical business and social connectivity means increased exposure to and impact of security risks. We create highly targeted solutions that combat some of today’s most challenging network security threats. Our technology brings programmable line-rate packet inspection capability at 10Gbits/s to bear against botnets and other high impact threats.

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FPGA/Interface Cards for Telecommunications

Securing a network database requires efficient high-bandwidth, ultra-low latency communication technology. It is critical to have FPGA/interface cards in place that can read, filter, analyze, detect, and act on botnets, viruses, spamware, and other threats to your system security. What’s more, customers expect high network speed and quality at all times. 

Budget-conscious operators need to make the most of their existing network capacity, and our cards have the streaming data capabilities and processing power to optimize network performance. Our team has the experience to take on the most complex telecommunications challenges. See how we can help you find an optimal solution.

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Interface Protocol IP Cores for Telecommunications

Telecommunication network operators rely on proven IP cores to fully leverage their FPGA/interface cards. New Wave DV connects those in this industry with open IP core standards. Our IP core offerings are available preloaded on our off-the-shelf cards or as standalone products. Our IP core product expertise includes:

  • Ethernet
  • Fibre Channel

Whatever your telecommunications challenge, we are committed to working closely with you to identify, implement and support your IP core solution. There is no room for mistakes in the telecommunications industry, but you can rely on our specialized experience when it’s time to leverage an IP core. Choose a team that’s uniquely positioned to help you get the most out of your product. 

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