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Datasheets & Whitepapers

PMC/XMC Networking Cards

V1151 Datasheet     V1152 Datasheet     V1153 Datasheet

V1141 Datasheet     V1142 Datasheet     V1144 Datasheet     V1146 Datasheet

V1131 Datasheet     V1121 Datasheet

PCI Express Cards

V5051 Datasheet    V5052 Datasheet    V5031 Datasheet     V5022 Datasheet

CaptureXG Datasheet

Platforms and Appliances

RapXG Datasheet     RapXG Whitepaper     CaptureEPON Datasheet     32-Port Programmable Switch Datasheet

IP Cores


More Coming Soon!

-Fibre Channel

FC Link Layer Datasheet      FC Anonymous Subscriber Messaging (ASM) Datasheet

FC Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) Datasheet      FC Audio Video (AV) Datasheet

-1394b AS5643

1394b PHY Datasheet     1394b OHCI Link Layer Datasheet

1394b GP2Lynx Link Layer Datasheet     1394b Offload Engine Datasheet

Additional Protocols

sFPDP Datasheet      ARINC-818 Datasheet

Product Briefs

sFPDP Product Brief