Fibre Channel ASM Core

The New Wave Design and Verification Fibre Channel – Anonymous Subscriber Messaging (ASM) core provides a complete layer 4 solution for FC-ASM. The core provides sequence processing, label lookup, internal memory label mapping, external memory controllers, DMA controllers, buffer management, and an AXI (or PCIe) user interface.

When used in conjunction with the New Wave DV FC Layer 1 / Layer 2 core the New Wave cores provide an integrated hardware solution for the FC-ASM network stack.



  • Message label validation checks performed in hardware
  • Multiple user modes for receiving messages, including strictly mapped message-to-buffer and free-buffer implementations
  • Transmit message chaining options provided
  • Complete set of registers for managing core and configuring core options
  • Core can be replicated as desired for number of FC-ASM ports


  • Immediate compatibility with existing FC-ASM networks
  • Flexible implementation models for multi-port designs
  • Low risk implementation



Core is delivered in netlist format including constraint files


  • Avionics, space, and defense system networks


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