Network Capture, Record, and Playback

New Wave DV’s traffic capture cards are designed specifically for high-end, mission-critical, high-bandwidth 10 Gigabit networks. These feature-rich and versatile solutions have the highest port density and the lowest cost-per-port of any capture card on the market. Support for mainstream monitoring software such as Wireshark and an open API make them an indispensible tool for the IT administrator.

  • RapXG™ Quad-Port Network Record & Playback System

    The RapXG delivers scalable, high performance packet capture and playback. More >

  • CaptureEPON™ 10G EPON Capture & Record System

    The CaptureEPON system is a packet capture and recorder system developed to meet the interface and bandwidth needs of 10G EPON. More >

  • CaptureXG™ 1000 Quad-Port Capture PCI Express FPGA Card

    New Wave DV delivers the highest port density, lowest cost-per-port capture cards on the market without sacrificing performance or features. More >

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New Wave DV announces the acquisition of FlightWire Technology.
We welcome their amazing people and products to the New Wave DV team.
Read the Press Release Here.