NI PXIe-7902 Serial RapidIO® Test Solution

The Serial RapidIO® Test Instruments integrates up to six independent Serial RapidIO® (sRIO®) interfaces into the LabVIEW environment using the PXIe-7902 card. The FPGA core is designed and optimized for test/verification applications and is available with LabVIEW support or Windows C API and can be integrated into LabVIEW TestStand. The Test Instrument can be operated in two modes: In interface mode, the user can control the sRIO® interfaces in real time via software. Test mode is conducted via scripted operations where the user specifies all facets of the transaction including header info, payload, packet type, and cadence/timing of operations before handing off execution to the hardware. During both modes, all incoming and outgoing packets are time stamped, recorded and logged for user review.

See This sRIO® Test Solution in Action (VIDEO):
Testing ARINC 818 and Other High-Speed Avionics Buses w/ NI and New Wave DV (WATCH)


  • Fully-programmable sRIO® traffic patterns
  • Hardware offload of performance critical traffic flows
    • Script engine defines transaction mix, hardware executes script at wire speed
    • Automatic response generation and response processing
    • Hardware transmit and receive logs with time-stamping
  • 512MB of on-board memory per port
  • Packet Support:
    • Type 2 (NREAD non-atomic)
    • Type 5 (NWRITE, NWRITE_R non-atomic)
    • Type 6 (SWRITE)
    • Type 8 (Maintenance)
    • Type 9 (Data Streaming)
    • Type 10 (Doorbell)
    • Type 11 (Data Message)
    • User-defined Packets
  • 8-bit and 16-bit DevID
  • Error detection and injection
  • Windows C or LabVIEW API and example designs


  • Directly control and interface with SRIO® devices in LabVIEW
  • Configurable as host or device
  • User-configurable number of lanes and lane speed at run time
  • DMA access to read/write port memory
  • Records and logs all transactions with hardware time-stamping
  • Complete FPGA design with FPGA-based offload of protocol; No FPGA design needed by user
  • Reduce development time by focusing on software test applications instead of test hardware development


Network Interface

Six Mini-SAS HD (4), 24 total lanes


Serial RapidIO® (sRIO®)

FPGA Device

Xilinx Virtex 7 (XC7VX485T)


One bank of 2GB DDR3 DRAM

Host Interface

PXI Express (Gen2) x8

External Interface

4 SMB for strobes and PPS


PXI Express v1.0


130 mm (width) x 183 mm (length) x 20 mm (thickness)

Power Requirements

Maximum 38,25W


Operating: 0˚C to 40 ˚C

Storage: -40˚C to 71˚C

Applications App

  • Functional test and performance characterization of sRIO® equipment
  • Emulation/simulation of sRIO® equipment and systems

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