NI PXIe-6592 ARINC-818 Test Solution

The New Wave DV ARINC-818 test instrument provides a complete hardware and LabVIEW software solution for the ARINC-818 protocol. The ARINC-818 hardware instrument provides full specification compliance, hardware-based container processing, and offload of frame handling including: ARINC-818 Container offload, hardware-based Video Object processing, DMA controller, frame building/checking, CRC generation/checking, error injection/checking, and frame rate configuration.

The hardware is fully integrated with the LabVIEW test stand, allowing users to focus on test-case development instead of protocol development. Included is a fully functional example GUI to setup, control, and status-check the four ARINC-818 ports. The GUI and LabVIEW software is user-modifiable, allowing customization for your unique applications. Demonstrations and evaluations of the ARINC-818 instrument are available.


  • Fully-programmable ARINC-818 traffic patterns
  • Independent operation and configuration of each port
  • Copper or active optical cables supported
  • User-defined ICD, including:
    • Frame Rate
    • Resolution
    • Pixel-definition
    • Packetization and segmentation
    • Data cadence
  • DRAM transmit and receive packet buffers
  • DMA channels from DRAM host
  • Record incoming frames with hardware time-stamping
  • Error detection and injection
  • Real-time statistics gathering
  • User-definable packets
  • Windows C or LabVIEW API and example designs


  • LabVIEW-integrated
    • View and display images in LabVIEW front panels
    • Process and analyze images directly using LabVIEW
  • Video transmitter and/or receiver
  • User-configurable video formats, rates, and error injection at run time
  • Hardware offload of performance critical traffic flows
    • Script engine defines transaction mix, hardware executes script at wire speed
    • Hardware transmit and receive logs with time-stamping
  • Precise and repeatable timing with hardware-based ARINC-818 offload
  • Up to 100% utilization of bandwidth
  • Leverage proven technology for standard interface implementation


Network Interface

Four SFP+ optical ports


ARINC 818-2

FPGA Device

Xilinx Kintex 7 (XC7K410T)


One bank of 2GB DDR3 DRAM

Host Interface

PXI Express (Gen2) x8

External Interface

4 SMB for strobes and PPS


PXI Express v1.0

ARINC 818-2


130 mm (width) x 183 mm (length) x 20 mm (thickness)

Power Requirements

Maximum 38.25W


Operating: 0˚C to 45 C

Storage: -40˚C to 71˚C

Applications App

  • Avionics vision and display system data generation and data capture
  • Avionics debug and diagnosis
  • Avionics test and validation

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