PXIe Cards

PXIe cards, typically used in laboratory testing environments, are utilized to provide high-performance I/O for specialized testing and measurement applications. Reduced cable management and greatly improved measurement accuracy over multiple, high-channel-count devices allows for integrated timing, advanced triggering options, and signal synchronization.

National Instruments™ and the experts at New Wave DV are partnered to provide high-speed serial solutions for applications that require technical expertise, where precision and accuracy are of utmost importance. Below are off-the-shelf National Instruments™ PXIe Cards that are pre-loaded with New Wave DV IP Cores, providing a fully-realized, turnkey solution.

Featured Products

  • NI PXIe-6592 ARINC 818 Test Solution

    Suite of test tools for ARINC-818 including data generation, image display, error detection, error injection, and link quality monitoring. More >

  • NI PXIe-7902 Ethernet Test Solution

    Up to 12 channels of precise IPV4/IPV6 PRBS generation and checking at configurable data rates. More >

  • NI PXIe-7902 Serial RapidIO® Test Solution

    Up to 6 user controlled SRIO ports for system configuration and network interfacing. More >

  • NI PXIe-6593 Serial RapidIO® Protocol Data Recorder

    Captures and records data from two sRIO endpoint. Supports 1x, 2x, and 4x lane widths at 1.25, 2.5, 3.125, 5 Gbps. Record 1TB+ sessions at 20Gbps. More >

  • NI PXIe-6593 Serial RapidIO® Protocol Endpoint Offload

    Supports two independent sRIO endpoints. Each SRIO port is automatically managed and maintained by the FPGA and requires no host/software interaction. A powerful data generation engine uses a script-based approach to precisely generate test patterns and emulate sRIO sensors/systems. More >

  • NI PXIe-6594 Ethernet Test Solution

    Available for 10G, 25G, 40G, or 100G Ethernet, this tool allows the precise capture, generation, and analysis of high-speed Ethernet data in LabVIEW. More >

A three-step infographic of an XMC card when inserted into a PXIe carrier

XMC-to-PXIe Solutions

  • V1151 Quad-Port XMC FPGA Card

    The V1151 is the industry’s most advanced XMC solution designed to provide a real time high-bandwidth network interface and processing module for next generation signal intelligence systems. More >

  • V1152 12-Port XMC FPGA Card

    The V1152 is the industry’s most dense XMC network IO solution designed to provide a real time high-bandwidth network interface and processing module for next generation signal intelligence systems. More >

  • V1153 12-Port Rugged XMC FPGA Card

    The V1153 is designed for rugged high-bandwidth networking and interface applications. The V1153 supports 12 full-duplex optical ports operating at up to 25Gb/s per port over a -40 to +85C temperature range. This VITA 20 compliant XMC module can provide high-density interface offload and data processing capabilities in a rugged, low SWaP package. More >

  • V1160 Dual-Port 100G Rugged Ethernet XMC Card

    The industry's most advanced Ethernet XMC for 10/25/40/50/100Gbs Ethernet in high-bandwidth, low-latency applications. More >

  • V1161 Programmable 100G Rugged Ethernet XMC ASoC Card

    The industry's leading Ethernet NIC ASIC plus ASoC (FPGA) for 10/25/40/100Gbs Ethernet and mixed protocol designs. More >

  • V1163 12-Port Rugged XMC ASoC Card

    The V1163 is a powerful heterogeneous computing XMC with high bandwidth IO featuring the Xilinx® Versal® Adaptive System-on-Chip (ASoC) and rugged optical and electrical IO. More >

  • V1141 Quad-Port PMC/XMC FPGA Card

    The V1141 is the lowest power and most secure programmable networking card available. This PMC/XMC solution is designed to provide real time high-bandwidth network interfaces in a secure and lower power architecture. More >

  • V1142 Quad-Port 1394b-AS5643 XMC FPGA Card

    The V1142 provides the industry's only completely FPGA-based 1394b-AS5643 interface solution in a PMC/XMC form factor. More >

  • V1144 12-Port 1394b-AS5643 XMC FPGA Card

    The V1144 provides the industry's highest density 1394b-AS5643 test and development card with 12 front-panel transformer-coupled 1394b ports. More >

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