V1142 Quad-Port 1394b-AS5643 XMC FPGA Card

The V1142 provides a complete 1394b AS5643 interface solution in a XMC form factor. The solution utilizes only one FPGA chip, unlike three or four chip predecessors, allowing for higher port density, with a reduction in size, weight, and power of the interface. This on-board FPGA provides bus control, diagnostics information, interface choices, and customization options not previously available. The V1142 offers four front-panel transformer coupled 1394b ports as well as eight rear-panel non-transformer coupled ports. The host interface provided is available as Gen2 x4 PCIe or 64-bit PCI.

Get This Card Pre-Loaded with One of the Following IP Cores:
1394b PHY     1394b OHCI Link Layer     1394b GP2Lynx Link Layer     1394b AS5643


  • Four transformer coupled ports, ports are configurable to up to 4 different 1394 nodes
  • Microsemi SmartFusion2 M2S150 FPGA
  • Supports a PCIe Gen2 x 4 host interface
  • PPS time synchronization with ╬╝Sec resolution
  • Thermal sensors for monitoring card temperature
  • Robust FPGA development framework
  • Available in air and conduction-cooled XMC form factors


  • FPGA based XMC card for SAE-AS5643 aerospace applications
  • Supports transformer coupled S100/S200/S400 data rates
  • A COTS solution optimized for SWaP (size, weight and power)
  • A programmable FPGA with a powerful development framework
  • Integrated system-on-chip features for small form factor applications



Four transformer coupled 1394b ports on front panel
Eight non-transformer coupled 1394 ports on rear panel connector

FPGA Device

Microsemi SmartFusion2 M2S150


One bank of 1GB DDR3 SDRAM


One 32MB memory for storing a default configuration image

Host Interface

PCI Express Gen2 x4 (Pn5)
PCI 64-bit (Pn11, Pn12, Pn13)

External Interface

32 differential pairs (user configurable)
PPS Interface for time synchronization with ╬╝second resolution
RS-232 serial interface for debug

Thermal Sensors

2 digital temperature sensors


VITA 42.2
VITA 61.0


74 mm (width) x 149 mm (length)

Power Requirements

Maximum 15W (preliminary)


Operating: 0˚ C to 45˚ C at 600 LFM (air cooled)
Operating: -40˚ C to 70˚ C (conduction cooled)
Storage: -40˚ C to 85˚ C

Applications App

  • Embedded avionics applications
  • Avionics test and development platforms

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