V1141 Quad-Port PMC/XMC FPGA Card

The V1141 is the lowest power and most secure programmable networking card available. This PMC/XMC solution is designed to provide real time high-bandwidth network interfaces in a secure and lower power architecture. The V1141 card features the Microsemi SmartFusion2 M2S150 SoC FPGA and includes onboard memory to assist hardware acceleration of networking stacks. The V1141 features four SFP+ interfaces and supports Ethernet (UDP, ARP, ICMP) and Fibre Channel (LL, ASM) at rates up to 5 Gbps per port.

Get This Card Pre-Loaded with One of the Following IP Cores:
Fibre Channel Link Layer     Fibre Channel ASM 


  • Four SFP+ optical ports capable of Ethernet or Fibre Channel up to 5 Gb/s
  • Built-in UDP offload engine for real-time communication
  • Supports PCI Express, PCI, and XAUI host interfaces
  • Fibre Channel Point-to-Point, Switched Fabric, and Arbitrated Loop support
  • Microsemi Flash-based FPGA
  • Available with streaming front-end FPGA core for quick sensor integration
  • Available with advanced APIs that support multi-core and multi-processor architectures
  • Thermal sensors for monitoring card temperature
  • Available in air and conduction-cooled XMC form factor


  • Provides high-bandwidth secure Ethernet and Fibre Channel communications
  • Supports real-time data streaming directly from sensors
  • Adapts with evolving application requirements providing a technology contingency plan
  • A COTS solution reduces system size, power footprint, and cost


Network Interface

4 SFP+ optical ports each capable of speeds up to 5 Gb/s

Network Protocols

Ethernet: UDP, TCP, ARP, ICMP, Multicast, Broadcast

Fibre Channel: Link Layer (FC LL), Anonymous Subscriber Messaging (FC ASM)

FPGA Device

Microsemi SmartFusion2 M2S150


One bank of 1GB to 2GB 64-bit up to 800MHz DDR3 SDRAM

One bank of 36Mbit to 144Mbit 18-bit 550MHz QDRII+ SRAM

Host Interface

PCI Express x8 or two XAUI over Pn5 PCI over P1, P2, P3


VITA 42.3 VITA 42.6 IEEE 802.3ae 2002 LAN


74 mm (width) x 149 mm (length)

Power Requirements

Maximum 8W


Operating: 0˚ C to 45˚ C at 600 LFM (air cooled) Operating: -40˚ C to 70˚ C (conduction cooled) Storage: -40˚ C to 85˚ C

Applications App

  • Avionics network interface
  • Avionics test stands
  • Secure FPGA co-processor
  • Low power systems

Documentation Doc

Datasheet V1141-Quad-Port-PMC-XMC-FPGA-Card-Datasheet
Product Image - Featured V1141 Featured
Product Image - Front V1141 Front
Product Image - Back V1141 Back

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