Triple-Port 1394b PCIe OHCI Adapter Card

The Triple-Port 1394b PCIe OHCI Adapter Card (FW-1x-PCIe-400) is a PCIe x1 lane 1394 (also known as FireWire) implementation using the Texas Instruments XIO2213B OHCI Link Layer and TSB41BA3 PHY. This non-transformer isolated standard PCIe form factor board has three IEEE-1394 Beta ports. The port speed/mode configuration switches allow the maximum port speed to be set to S100╬▓, S200╬▓ or S400╬▓.


  • Single OHCI IEEE-1394 Beta (1394b) node
  • IEEE-1394-2008 compliant
  • Three Beta only ports per node supporting:
    • S100╬▓ (122.88Mb/s)
    • S200╬▓ (245.76Mb/s)
    • S400╬▓ (491.52Mb/s)
  • Configurable maximum connection speeds of: S100╬▓ or S200╬▓ or S400╬▓
  • Three IEEE-1394 Bilingual Connectors
  • Texas Instruments XIO2213B OHCI Link Layer Controller and TSB41BA3 PHY
  • Powered via PCIe connector; No external PSU needed
  • One Lane PCIe generation 1.1 support


  • Uses industry standard Texas Instruments TSB41BA3 Physical Layer and XIO2213B 1394 OHCI Link Layer Controller
  • Implemented without transformer isolation to reduce costs
  • No power over 1394b I/O cable eliminates power and ground shift concerns



Single Channel PCIe 1.1

Three IEEE-1394 Beta Ports

Data Rates

S100╬▓ , S200╬▓ and S400╬▓

Power Requirements

Powered via PCIe connectors

No external PSU needed


IEEE-1394 beta (1394b) PHY and OHCI Link Layer

PCIe x1 Generation 1.1 support


94 mm (width) x 82 mm (length)


Operating: 0┬░C to 70┬░C

Storage: -45┬░C to 85┬░C

Applications App

  • Vehicle Software, Hardware, and System emulation labs
  • Non-transformer coupled IEEE-1394b desktop computer host adapter
  • Flight Control and Mission Systems emulation environments

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