iVeriPHY Mil1394 Handheld Test Module

Designed to provide both point-to-point and network diagnostic information, the iVeriPHY Tester is a single node (channel) standalone IEEE-1394 bus tester with three (3) transformer-coupled S200β and S400β beta-only ports. Each port connects to the 1394 bus through a 4-pin latching Lemo connector. Test and Diagnostic applications are accessed through the integrated 7-inch back-lit touchscreen.

The iVeriPHY is a scalable platform, available as a standalone unit or as a two iVeriPHY kit. The platform base configuration includes the “Monitor” application that provides the user both wire harness and 1394 network diagnostic information. These provide the user with both wire harness diagnostics and 1394 network data.

In addition to the “Monitor” application, the iVeriPHY’s scalable platform supports optional applications such as the “Bus Error Rate Tester” (BERT) or “Topology Viewer” to provide additional test and diagnostic capability to meet our customers’ needs. The customer may purchase these additional software applications.


  • Integrated touchscreen provides standalone IEEE-1394 network tester with no external PC required
  • Monitor application provides low-level point-to-point connectivity diagnostic information and bus-level node count, bus reset count, and activity indicator
  • Topology Viewer application provides 1394 bus topology with parent/child and port connection information along with Self-IDs, Node ID, Link Active and Initiate last bus reset
  • Available standalone or kitted with two iVeriPHYs
  • Using the Bus Error Rate Tester (BERT) application, two VeriPHYs can verify the bus error rate between point-to-point connections or through a multi-node topology and log the test results
  • Three (3) S200β and S400β capable transformer isolated ports.
  • Three 1 meter Lemo to 9-Pin 1394b cables


  • Standalone IEEE-1394 network tester; No external PC required
  • Scalable Application support: Monitor, Topology Viewer, Bus Error Rate Tester, with more apps planned for the future
  • Quickly determine wire harness and LRU connectivity issues through monitoring of port connectivity, bit error, bus error and topology information enabling fault-isolation in the network
  • Monitoring of IEEE-1394b bus topology, traffic activity and bus resets to help diagnose network level issues



Three (3) 4-pin Lemo connectors providing three (3) transformer-isolated IEEE-1394 Beta ports.

RJ-45 Ethernet Connector

5 VDC Power Connector

Data Rate Support

IEEE-1394 S200β and S400β
100Mb/1Gb Ethernet


2.25 lbs. (1kg)


8.66” x 6.51” x 2” (220mm x 165mm x 55mm)


Operating: 32°F (0°C) to 104°F (40°C)

Storage: -4°F (0°C) to 158°F (70°C)

Applications App

  • Testing of point-to-point IEEE-1394b wire harness cable connections
  • Testing of IEEE-1394b network (wire harness and devices) connectivity
  • Testing of point-to-point bit error rate and network bus error rate
  • Verification of IEEE-1394 bus topology with node ID number and initiated bus reset support
  • Testing in space-constrained areas using handheld tester vs test cart

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