32-Port Fibre Channel FPGA Switch

The 32-Port 1/2/4G Fibre Channel FPGA Switch is a high port-density, completely FPGA-based network switch built for special purpose avionics switching applications. This switch is based on the next generation of New Wave DVÔÇÖs programmable networking hardware.

The 32-Port Fibre Channel FPGA Switch is powered by the latest Xilinx® Virtex® UltraScale®+ FPGA technology. Purpose-built for processing network data in real time, the switch has been optimized to provide the lowest possible latency and the highest possible performance. This provides a port-dense, cost-effective method to implement avionics missions-system networks in development and integration environments.


  • Thirty-Two (32) SFP ports
  • Xilinx┬« Kintex┬« UltraScale┬« FPGA (KU095)
  • Xilinx┬« Virtex┬« UltraScale┬«+ FPGA (VU9P)
  • Network time synchronization and distribution
  • Configurable port IDs and traffic routing
    • E_PORTs interconnect multiple switches for easy scalability
    • 1:N and N:1 Port routing/replication/aggregation
  • System Software/Firmware Update and Restore
  • RESTful API for integration into automated test frameworks
  • Redundant power supplies mitigate power failure/surge risks


  • High port-density FPGA-based network appliance for custom switching applications and line-rate packet processing
  • 1/2/4G Fibre Channel out-of-the-box
  • Ultra-low latency and high-bandwidth performance
  • Cost-effective COTS hardware with equivalent aircraft capabilities
  • Programmable port configuration increases density and flexibility, enabling consolidation of multiple aircraft switches into one device


Network Interface

Thirty-Two SFP optical ports

Fibre Channel Protocols


FPGA Device

Xilinx┬« Kintex┬« UltraScaleÔäó FPGA (KU115)

Xilinx┬« Virtex┬« UltraScaleÔäó+ FPGA (VU9P)

External Interface

Console access via RJ45, USB, & MiniDP

NSS – Interface for time synchronization with ╬╝second resolution


FC-FS-3 INCITS 470-2011

Physical Characteristics

1U Rackmount Form Factor


16.9╩║ ├Ś 1.71╩║ ├Ś 12″

Power Requirements

Maximum 150W


Operating: 0 to 45┬░C
Storage: -40˚ C to 85˚ C

Applications App

  • Avionics mission-system networks testing
  • Emulate aircraft switch in system integration and development labs
  • Port-dense prototyping and emulation

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