Mil1394 Signal Integrity Test Fixtures and Adaptors

New Wave DV provides a variety of signal integrity test fixtures, cable couplers, connector adapters and gender changers. Additionally, New Wave DV can customize these products along with cables to meet our customerÔÇÖs specific requirements.

Signal Integrity Test Fixtures

To make high fidelity signal integrity measurements such as rise/fall times, amplitude, jitter, skew, eye diagrams, etc., the New Wave DV test fixtures provide 110 ohm impedance matched traces. They also include end of net termination and oscilloscope probe test points to reduce reflections and other discontinuities that affect signal integrity measurements.

Specifically, our FW-SIGTF product provides a differential signal re-driver allowing the Device Under Test (DUT) transmitted signals to be measured at either the near-end, output connector of the DUT, or the far-end, after the DUT cable. The re-driver allows the DUT and tester devices to make and maintain a valid IEEE-1394 Beta 8b10b connection allowing COTS oscilloscopes to make the measurement without expensive external equipment or post processing. The FW-SIGTF uses latching Lemo connectors to provide good signal quality and secure connections.

Cable Couplers and Adapters

New Wave DVÔÇÖs cable couplers and adapters allow similar or dis-similar cables to be connected to one another, enabling signal monitoring, cable length extension, gender changes and crossover/straight-through adaption.

Specifically, our FW-929-CC, FW-926-CC, FW-9238999-CC Cable Couplers/Adapters series allow standard IEEE-1394-2008 9-pin and 6-pin cables to be coupled together to create longer cable runs for test as well as adapting 9-pin to 6-pin if needed. Our FW-9238999-CC enables standard 9-pin IEEE-1394-2008 cables to be connected to a 38999 cable.

Given the large variety of 38999 connectors, New Wave DV offers customization services to change our standard product configurations to meet your specific requirements. Unterminated test point are available on these products, however because the oscilloscope probe location is mid-cable, they are typically only used for monitoring signals and not used to take signal integrity measurements.

Enclosures also available, please inquire.


  • Signal Integrity Test Fixtures provide end of net transmission line termination and test points making them ideal for IEEE-1394b and AS5643/1 signal integrity measures.
  • Mid-cable test fixtures allow IEEE-1394 signals to be monitored with minimal signal disruption. Additionally, they provide the opportunity to couple together multiple cables to extend cable length for experimentation.
  • Removable plastic enclosures protect boards and prevent electrical shorts.


  • Enables signal monitoring without breaking into cables
  • Enables signal integrity measurements to be taken with standard oscilloscope
  • Provides end of transmission line termination and test points for high quality signal integrity measurements
  • Longer cable lengths can be achieved using multiple short cables
  • Enables connections between cables with different connector types or genders
  • Enables odd number of crossovers required for 1394 connections


Connector Types

9-pin IEEE-1394 Beta

6-pin IEEE- 1394 Alpha

4-pin Lemo

D38999 – Various

Supported Data Rates

S100╬▓ to S800╬▓


IEEE-1394 and AS5643 as appropriate


IEEE-1394 beta signaling levels


Operating: 0┬░C to 70┬░C

Storage: -45┬░C to 85┬░C

Applications App

  • TPA/TPB Signal Monitoring
  • Signal Integrity Measurements Cable to Cable Interface
  • Cable Extension
  • Connector Type and Gender Changer Crossover or Straight Through Adaptor

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