Fiber Optic IEEE-1394b SFP

The Fiber Optic IEEE-1394b SFP (FW-SFP-FO-1394B) is a compact, fiber optic transceiver providing IEEE-1394b connectivity through a LC connector. These fiber optic SFP’s transmits up to 150 meters using a wavelength of 850 nanometers over 62.5-micron multi-mode optical fiber. These SFPs and fiber optic cabling are ideal for long-distance lab-to-lab connections or where data communication requires S1600╬▓ rates.


  • Data rate support:
    • S100╬▓
    • S200╬▓
    • S400╬▓
    • S800╬▓
    • S1600╬▓
  • Full transparency to other network nodes
  • Media connection model:
    • LC Optical (FW-SFP-FO-1394B)
  • IEEE-1394b (beta) standard compliant
  • MRV 72 and 144 Media Cross Connect Compatibility
  • Lepton ColdFusion x2 & x8 Slot Layer 1 Switch Compatibility


  • Fiber Optic SFPs extend the physical reach of IEEE-1394 (also known as FireWire) networks by 150m when used in repeater configuration
  • Works with the MCC (Media Cross Connect) to simplify remote network topology changes for test/simulation automation
  • Allows the use of mixed copper and fiber optic infrastructures when used as fiber-to-copper media converter
  • Non-intrusive (no additional 1394 node) extension of 1394 cable length


Connector Type

9-pin IEEE-1394 Beta

Supported Data Rates

S100╬▓, S200╬▓, S400╬▓, S800╬▓, S1600╬▓

Cable Distance



Works with MRV 72 and 144 Media Cross Connect


SFP form factor

IEEE-1394 beta signaling levels


Operating: 0┬░C to 70┬░C

Storage: -45┬░C to 85┬░C

Applications App

  • Reconfiguration of IEEE-1394b (Mil1394) nodes within Software, Hardware, and Vehicle Integration Labs
  • Extend 1394 cable length without additional 1394 nodes
  • Long distance test stand to test stand connectivity

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