In the defense market the ability to read, filter, analyze, and detect specific information from radar, sensor arrays and communications signals in real-time at 10Gb/s is the key to saving lives and ensuring security. This must also be accomplished in a rugged environment in which temperature, humidity, and vibration can impair the ability of the equipment to perform according to specifications. New Wave Design and Verfication products are not only the best performers in the market today but they are robust and rugged to meet military requirements. And, New Wave DV understands how to work with customers to meet project schedules.

Radar Systems

Advanced radar systems that can detect targets in complex, high-clutter environments are essential for mission-critical operations such as defense, search and rescue, and offshore security. New Wave DV has developed solutions that offer open standards and the flexibility to meet a diverse set of processing needs. Its embedded system solutions provide protocol acceleration and data streaming that run on some of the most advanced radar systems in the world. What’s more, no special programming expertise is needed to employ New Wave DV solutions. More >

Signal Intelligence

Defense systems are continuously intercepting and monitoring radio traffic to detect illegal activity and security threats. Today’s high-performance signals intelligence (SIGINT) systems require massive processing power to detect, identify, and classify an enormous number of highly complex signals.  In many application dataflows, the processing elements within and between the distinct units need to be interconnected using switched fabrics. New Wave DV develops ultra high performance and rugged connectivity solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding application. More >

Cyber Security

The Internet has become a key part of the fabric of our society, and like any other critical asset it must be protected from entities that, for whatever reason, wish to use it as a tool for malicious attacks on corporations, governments, and infrastructure. The only way to combat misuse of the Internet is through powerful and coordinated use of technology to detect, identify, and prevent attacks. New Wave DV provides software and hardware products that form a powerful programmable environment to develop a state of the art cyber-security platform. More >