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When developing new hardware for an embedded and rugged environment, the research and development process requires constant testing, modification, and commitment. Technical competency plus dedication is what is required for success. This was the case early on with a current Tier 1 airborne mission systems supply partner.

The New Wave DV team proved our technical superiority and willingness to overcome obstacles makes for a winning combination. Here’s the full story.

The Client

A supplier for aircraft mission systems (“Client”) contacted New Wave DV while they were halfway through a project. The Client was working with a supplier that couldn’t solve a timing requirement. This Client was responsible for designing box-level equipment for an aircraft manufacturer. They needed to design their processor box in a way that would fit with the aircraft’s network from a network performance and timing perspective.

The Client also needed a long-term solution. It was important to them to not only solve the issue, but collaborate with a partner that could provide the right support for years to come.

The Challenge

Immediately, New Wave DV came into the project and proved our technical competency with the perfect solution. By using a MIL1394 interface solution with AS5643 hardware-timing, we were able to meet the timing requirement. We did this in our rugged V1146 XMC card, which offers high port density with transformer-coupled ports.

The Client was impressed with the New Wave DV solution and designed it into their embedded computer, replacing the former supplier’s interface card.

While we were able to meet the specific technical and timing requirements for the network, the systems integration phase of the project brought to light issues that needed the attention of both the Client and New Wave DV.

This isn’t a unique problem to have. Projects commonly have issues once you reach the systems integration phase. Now it was on New Wave DV to have the fortitude to collaborate with the supplier to find a solution.

The Solution

The key to success in these situations — and something New Wave DV is committed to — is to keep testing, integrating, modifying, and moving forward. New Wave DV brought additional staff onto the project and worked overtime to troubleshoot and resolve the issue. During the process, New Wave DV kept communications open with the Client, even when the conversations were challenging. Technical communication is key to understanding and resolving the issue. Program management communication is critical for the Client to be able to successfully manage their project. New Wave DV never wavered on meeting the technical compatibility and overall expectations of the Client.

Ultimately, New Wave DV needed to make software and firmware changes to the part to secure compatibility with the processing box. It was a challenging development phase for both New Wave DV and the Client. New Wave DV’s experts were driven and reached a solution while maintaining the timing requirements, port density, and total system compatibility.

The Client had picked New Wave DV for our technical competency and reached their goal because of our superior products, expertise, and willingness to dive into the trenches and get the issues fixed together. We all came out on the other end and are now in our fourth year as partners.

Need Help with Your Project?

Our partners know when they work with New Wave DV, they’re going to get a committed team behind them. New Wave DV enables and encourages our technical experts to work closely with our clients to find solutions. It’s this close-care that enables our teams to foster productive relationships for years to come as New Wave DV digs its heels deeper into the mission-critical market.
No matter the project or the specifications, New Wave DV has the solutions to help. Do you have a situation similar to this mission systems supplier? Our team has the expertise and grit to find a way to successfully develop and deliver your interface solutions.

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