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Financial markets demand ultra-high-performance systems. In this industry, time is money, so financial institutions rely on advanced computer hardware and interface protocols to enhance their dataflow and processing capabilities. 

New Wave DV combines outstanding product performance with ongoing support to provide the most comprehensive technology available for your financial market system. We take the time to analyze your situation and develop a high-performance solution that meets all of your project’s technical requirements.

Our cards and IP cores are designed to provide ultra-low latency performance, providing the network solutions your organization needs to raise the bar on reliability and results. Our comprehensive solutions are trusted by some of the biggest names in the financial industry. Discover why our clients trust our veteran team to transform their financial system performance.

FPGA/Interface Cards for Financial Applications

In order to process financial data as efficiently and accurately as possible, it takes powerful interface cards that offer ultra-low latency performance. New Wave DV cards do not need to involve their host processors, eliminating network inefficiencies. When it’s time to execute a trade, capture market data or manage financial risk, real-time performance makes a difference. Our cards are available off-the-shelf, but if you need a more custom solution, we can also design a card that meets the unique requirements of your application.

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Interface Protocol IP Cores for Financial Markets

Integrated with a powerful card, the right ethernet IP core enhances the performance of your financial services. We have experience implementing, testing and maintaining some of the most powerful ethernet IP core products on the market. These ethernet options include:

  • 1G Ethernet
  • 10G Ethernet
  • 40G Ethernet
  • 100G Ethernet

Our experts will help you identify an optimal IP core solution. Whether you need an IP core preloaded on one of our cards, or you already have your own hardware, we have a solution. If you need help identifying the correct IP core for your financial application, our team can direct you to the most effective option available.

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Our Expertise Includes:

Ultra-Low Latency Trading

Getting in the queue first wins the trade. Ultra-low latency trading systems eliminate latency between opportunities and order placements. New Wave DV’s 10G Ethernet cards feature FPGA capability and are key components in the deployment of financial trading solutions.

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Risk Management Controls

Brokers and dealers are moving quickly to develop their Financial Risk Management Control systems. The ultra-low latency of our 10G Ethernet cards, with FPGA programmability and other built-in special features, makes them ideal bases for SEC13c3-5 Rules engines. New Wave DV’s low latency FPGA technology makes it possible to complete checks in well under 250 nanoseconds, minimizing those checks’ effect on overall latency in trades.

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Market Data Capture

Building and updating market books quickly is key to edging out the competition. Our high-throughput 10G Ethernet cards utilize common protocol engines and can DMA market data updates directly into the application.

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Latency Measurements

Time-stamping traffic is critical in order to flag issues and validate that trading algorithms and execution engines are performing. The problem: this process takes time, time that top performers in the financial sector can’t afford. New Wave DV’s 10G Ethernet cards include the features you need to build a latency measuring system that takes measurements quickly.

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