Real-Time Data Streaming

New Wave Design and Verifications’s industry leading data streaming solutions are designed specifically for real-time applications where it is imperative to sustain low latency and high-bandwidth communication. This is a key requirement in network-centric next-generation radar, signal intelligence (SIGINT), and other mission-critical sensor systems. New Wave DV’s COTS solutions provide 10 Gigabit Ethernet communication while reducing the size and power footprint of systems.

  • V1131 Quad Channel 10 Gigabit Ethernet XMC Card

    The V1131 is the industry’s most advanced XMC solution designed to provide a real time high-bandwidth network interface and processing module for next generation radar and signal intelligence systems. More >

  • V1141 Quad Channel PMC/XMC Networking Card

    The V1141 is the lowest power and most secure programmable networking card available. This PMC/XMC solution is designed to provide real time high-bandwidth network interfaces in a secure and lower power architecture. More >

  • V1121 Dual Channel 10 Gigabit Ethernet XMC

    The V1121 is the industry’s leading XMC solution that is designed to provide real-time high-bandwidth network interface for next-generation radar and signal intelligence systems. More >