expressXG™ FPGA Development Framework

One Solution to Unlimited Possibilities

The expressXG Development Framework is an industry-proven, fully integrated product designed to deliver optimum functionality and accelerate application development on a broad range of open standards FPGA cards from New Wave Design and Verification. It is available with high-performance software libraries and drivers allowing developers to achieve their best results in the least amount of time — right out-of-the-box.

New Wave DV pioneered the use of the FPGA development framework to enable programmability over 10 Gigabit Ethernet networks and provide real-time performance for mission-critical applications in defense, financial and telecommunications markets. Learn why New Wave DV has been chosen by Fortune 100 customers, and see how one solution can deliver unlimited possibilities.

Start Your Application with Confidence

Designers of high-performance applications with FPGA technology know best that it is an intensive process that can cost time and money. This is whereNew Wave DV can help.

With expressXG, customers can have anyNew Wave DV network card installed and running within a few minutes and be well on their way to developing applications quickly.

Start developing your application with confidence. CallNew Wave DV today to find out the latest release information and feature set.

More Than a Firmware Development Kit

Elegantly simple and modular, the expressXG Development Framework consists of an interface wrapper and a user sandbox. The wrapper, a hardware abstraction layer, provides a robust user interface to all high-performance interfaces required for a FPGA Ethernet card to fully function. The sandbox region, where designers play, features easy-to-follow examples that will jump-start user application development and debugging. All features are intended to promote the rapid coding and integration of high-performance applications with FPGA technology.



Software Libraries, Drivers and Diagnostics

The expressXG Development Framework includes high-performance software libraries and drivers supported for both the Linux and VxWorks operating systems. Included in the package are software APIs, kernel drivers, libraries, and software examples — everything programmers need to develop applications that communicate seamlessly with the expressXG Development Framework.

Also available is the easy-to-use RS-232 diagnostic utility, which was designed exclusively as a way to access the memory space on New Wave DV’s FPGA network cards via the RS-232 interface. This provides a flexible alternative to diagnosing system behavior without relying on the host.



  • Modular, easy-to-use product that integrates all high-performance interfaces of the network card into one design
  • User-designated sandbox region provides easy integration with network card interfaces
  • Compatible with standard FPGA development tools from major vendors
  • Complete high-performance software libraries and drivers for Linux and VxWorks


  • Accelerates FPGA application development time-to-market
  • Enables seamless migration of applications to new cards and technologies as they become available
  • Minimizes the costs associated with product integration
  • Simplifies overall logistics of FPGA application development



  • Ultra low latency electronic trading
  • Sensor and radar systems
  • Network security