There has been a recent increase in malicious attempts to disrupt or compromise network databases. It is critical to have a network security system in place that can read, filter, analyze, detect, and act on Botnets, viruses, spamware, and other system security threats.

New Wave Design and Verification provides ultra-high performance solutions operating at full 10 Gb/s data rates to ensure that network threats can be detected as they develop and acted upon before they strike, avoiding network performance degradations or security breaches. New Wave DV programmable 10G ethernet cards are in use in multiple network monitoring products deployed with Tier 1 carriers. We work closely with vendors and end-user customers to deliver products that meet or exceed requirements.

Network Performance

Over the last decade, we have witnessed the explosive growth of the Internet. For network operators, new multimedia services lead to higher traffic burdens and far greater complexity. On the other hand, customer expectations for speed and quality have risen considerably.

Operators still have to uphold profit margins by avoiding expensive infrastructure upgrades, so it is critical to more effectively utilize the existing network capacity. Network Performance Monitoring is an indispensable tool in the struggle to control CAPEX while not compromising the performance of the network and the customer experience.

EPON (Ethernet Passive Optical Network) is a common networking solution for transmitting data, voice, and video using an Ethernet system. EPON is popular because it uses Ethernet lines and passive components (splitters, combiners, etc.) rather than more expensive active components (amplifiers, repeaters, etc.). New Wave DV’s CaptureEPON™ 10G EPON capture and record system is designed to meet the interface and bandwidth needs of a 10G EPON network. More >


Network Security

Increased reliance on the Internet for critical business and social connectivity means increased exposure to and impact of security risks. New Wave Design and Verification has technology used to create highly targeted solutions that combat some of the most challenging network security threats known. This technology brings programmable line-rate packet inspection capability at 10Gbps to bear against Botnets and other high potency threats. More >

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